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With more than 10 years of professional experience in recording, studio production and live performances, I perform in my permanent bands (The Dark Light & Portacle) as well as supporting artists or one off projects/tours. I have a well maintained rehearsal/recording studio available as well as access to excellent studio facilities around London. My credo is to ALWAYS put the music first and focus on the creative aspects of what is needed to support a song/project as a whole & put the band/artist first ... Once in a I can dig a nice drum solo too!

Current Projects:

 - The Dark Light 

 - Portacle         


Over the last 12 month I have been mainly focussing on playing and recording with my bands The Dark Light and Portacle playing clubs and medium sized venues and being broadcasted on programs such as Vintage TV (Sky,Vrigin, BT). With The Dark Light, we have been releasing our debut album 'Keep Off The Grass' in spring 2018 through Unknown Pleasure Records/Cargo Records. A second album is in the boiler and will be released in spring 2019 with festival appearances such as The Great Escape and Soma Festival being confirmed for the first half of 2019. On top of that there have been several gigs and sessions with the alternative jazz/fusion band Portacle as well as recording sessions at Hackney Road Studios and Tileyard Studios and my own studio at West Ham. I've been also playing various gigs as a session player (functions / originals). Last but not least, I've moved to Brighton with my beautiful wife in Dec 2018...



  • Relocating to the UK (London) in late 2013

  • Playing / recording with The Dark Light, Glue, Finding Kate, Cherri Prince, Ray Hage

  • recordings at: Toe Rag Studios with Grammy Award winning producer Liam Watson (White Stripes, Supergrass, Tame Impala) & several stae of the art studios in/around London such as State of the Ark Studios, Hackney Road Studios, Fish Factory, etc.

  • mastering sessions at Metropolis Studios

  • co founder of Tunnel Sessions - a music channel broadcasting live performances of young talent

  • collaborating with Sarah Fortais at the Catlin Art Prize 2014, Londonewcastle Project Space, London, England



  • Co-founding the experimental alternative rock band John Doe’s Revenge - tours/gigs in BENELUX, UK, Ireland and Germany incl. national tv, radio & online broadcasting (3FM, 3voor12, RTV, AT5 etc.)  as well as festival gigs / major pop venues such as: Paradiso, Zwarte Cross Festival, Bevrijdings Pop, Melkweg (Amsterdam) Botanique (Brussels), Beekenstijn Pop Festival, Eamonn Doran's (Dublin), etc.

  • Co-founding the psych-rock band Twin Shades featuring gigs all over BENELUX - national radio airplay (3FM/3voor12, etc,) 

  • Gigs & recordings with: John Doe’s Revenge, Twin Shades,  Atti Bauw (Grammy nominated producer/engineer: Scopions, Judas Priest, Def Leppard), Days After The Storm (UK tour), Itching Eyeball (the left one), Rainer Schepper, Wim Den Herdern, Joe Tal (Textures), Santeri Sulkunen, Routes & Roots, etc.

  • covering the drum chair in several house bands for jam sessions in Amsterdam on regular bases



  • Studying music at the re known Conservatorium van Amsterdam (pop-drums) & finishing B-MUS in 2007.

  • Playing regularly in the house bands of several re-known Amsterdam live music venues such as the Last Waterhole & the Bourbon Street Amsterdam feat CoCo Harmsen (Qeaux Queux Jones), Suus de Groot (Sue the Night), Terry Man, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Big Bones etc. covering all styles like Jazz&Fusion , Soul, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Metal,etc. 

  • touring several countries in EU incl. BeNeLux, Germany, Denmark & Sweden

  • Gigs & recordings with: CoCo Harmsen (Qeaux Queux Jones), Eva Simmons, etc.


1982-2003: BORN IN NORDHORN , GERMANY (near the Dutch border) 

  • Starting out playing drums & playing in several bands incl. a fast amount of talented musicians such as:

       Alex Rosenhof, Malte Schiller & Christian Mueller (alias Sandberg)

  • playing with the National Ensemble of Tanzania feat. Nippy Noya










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